Rapidity and precision are our success keys in the field of delivery times and emergency services on equipment and realized components.

Thanks to the presence of an area dedicated to the storage of the untreated materials and the interior warehouse continually stocked up with a wide materials assortment, Meccanica Precisa offers a quick service with immediate and fast manufactures, without compromising the product quality of the final product.

Our technical office is made available to the clients for technical and post-sales assistances, with solutions studied for every kind of necessity.

All that it is possible thanks to a deep internal organization and a stabilized operative procedure:

two essential characteristics connected with the technical – operative efficiency of the manufacturing systems used inside the machinery inventory of the company.

The use of the 5 axis Hyper Mill system – of which it is available the complete license – allows to save up to 25% of the manufacturing time, guaranteeing very high precision on one side, and productive efficiency on the other side.


Centro di lavoro CNC per lavorazioni meccaniche di precisione
Order Insertion
Production paper
Final Balance
Supervision of the material
Supervision of the employed staff
Quality check
End of the works and delivery
Macchine CNC per lavorazioni meccaniche di precisione