The attention to the innovation is basic in the mechanical area and for this reason Meccanica Precisa, beyond the classic equipment for the general manufacturing, uses machineries of latest generation, offering their own clients the possibility to realize productions of products advanced in the manufacturing field of precision micromechanics components.

Thanks to the constant update of the machineries present in our machinery inventory, we are able to make productions of mechanical manufacturing by wire and sinker electrical discharge machining machineries. In addition, micro-drillings from 0,3 to 6 mm on surfaces with heights up to 200 mm, micro shots peening and manufacturing on materials of high strength such as cemented, quenched, widia and sintered.

Depending on the kind of the mechanical manufacturing, inside the company production, different kinds of manufacturing can be pointed out.


Our Production

The mechanical precision manufacturing can be made depending on the different levels such as the material, the precision grade, the kind of available shaping machineries and many other factors, which in Meccanica Precisa we know and take on with the client.

The realization of the finished product takes place according to the client indication and the continuous research of our operators responsible for the quality improvement and the production technological development.

Wire and sinker electrical discharge machining

The electrical wire and sinker discharge machining allows to work conductive material of every kind, for example quenched steels, very fast steels and cemented carbide.

This kind of precision manufacturing allows to realize every geometric shape thanks to the possibility to work through the interpolation of the 4 axis and using the fifth one (Z axis) in positioning…

Precision Milling

Milling, manufacturing through shavings removal, which allows obtaining mechanical parts by rotating shaping machinery and keeping the part fixed by vises and clamps. Shaped parts can be obtained also with very complex profiles.

Meccanica Precisa, in terms of milling, uses 3 and 5 axis CNC with computer numerical control, which diverge from the traditional milling machines for the possibility to program on machinery border or by Cad Cam software.

Precision Turning

Turning is a mechanical production, which expects the shavings removal by a combination of the piece movements (rotating motion) and of the shaping machine (rectilinear motion), whereas the sharping machine removes the material in excess.

For much time the manufacturing has been made manually by expert turners which accomplished, thanks to their ability, the necessary movements for the piece manufacturing, working with traditional lathes….