Realization of molds for applications in fashion industry

Realization of molds for applications in fashion industry

Meccanica Precisa produces numerous molds with application in the fashion industry, realized in different variants. It is about components employed for the covering of clasps used for accessories of leather, fashion and footwear industries.

The material used for the realization of the molds is the C45 with treatment of electrogalvanization made inside the factory, in order to prevent the natural corrosive effect of the metal.

The mold is realized by a combination of various manufacturing processes: turning, milling, wire and sinker electrical discharge machining.

The used precision mechanical machineries are:

  • Lathe CNC
  • 5 axis CNC machine
  • Wire electrical discharge machining
  • Sinker electrical discharge machining

The use of machineries in combined method is managed by a three-dimensional Cad Cam programming and it allows a centesimal precision in the realization of the product.



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