Lower Processing Station

Lower processing stations; passage of the aluminum rods in the automatic machineries industry

Lower processing stations for automatic machineries industry

The lower processing station has been realized as support of production lines of aluminum joints: the component is used as junction element between different stations for the passage of the aluminum rods in the automatic machineries industry, for the production of the windows fixtures joints.

Material and treatment mechanical component in production

The component is realized in 39NiCrMo3 2311 treated with superficial protection, manually applied, in order to protect it from the corrosion and the oxidation, guaranteeing a continuative and lasting use.

Manufacturing and support of Cad Cam programming

The manufacturing of this lower processing station is made with centesimal precision, executed with a combination of milling, drilling and tapping of the component by Cad Cam programming of the interested machineries.

The whole process has been elaborated, managed and realized by the Micron 5 axis CNC machine, with Cad Cam software and duly positioned for the management of the whole manufacturing of the component.

Once finished the production requested by the client, Meccanica Precisa has supplied for the packaging and the delivery of the commissioned order.



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