CNC Turning: Highest precision and high quality manufacturing
Turning is a mechanical production, which expects the shavings removal by a combination of the piece movements (rotating motion) and of the shaping machine (rectilinear motion), whereas the sharping machine removes the material in excess.

For much time the manufacturing has been made manually by expert turners which accomplished, thanks to their ability, the necessary movements for the piece manufacturing, working with traditional lathes.

By the time, the technology has permitted the introduction of computer numerical control shaping machines, with the introduction of CNC lathe.

Differently from a traditional shaping machine, a computer numerical control machinery creates automatisms, which replace the manual handling of the axis with higher precision and a better performance of the piece manufacturing, thanks to the exact position kept by the work axis
CAD CAM programming to create complex profiles
Thanks to the remote programming, the motion of the shaping machinery can interpolate between the different work axis, creating profiles on the piece impossible to realize manually.

Through the programming, in addition, it is possible to accomplish changes of the shaping machines (previously set) in automatic manner and without the intervention of the worker.

The programming takes place remotely, programming on board machine or through CAD CAM software, which communicates to the machinery the settings inserted by the operator and it will establish the necessary shaping machines for the manufacturing execution.
Lathes with motorized C axis
Meccanica Precisa is equipped with computer numerical control lathes with motorized C axis, which allows making drills, tapping, axial and radial millings.

This technology allows, depending on productions requested by the design, to accomplish a finished piece or partial manufacturing, in order to proceed with other machineries and to complete the execution of the piece.
In the lathes present in Meccanica Precisa factory, the rod passage is up to 100 mm and the length of the workable piece is up to 3000 mm.


Fast Precision Joint

Fast precision joint, a component used in the pharmaceutical industry in the preparation of the drugs and particularly in the decontamination area for the passage of the chemical materials.


The component manifold realized by Meccanica Precisa for the rubber and plastic industry, is applied on extrusion dies to direct the flow of the extruded material.


Meccanica Precisa produces numerous molds with application in the fashion industry, realized in different variants. It is about components employed for the covering of clasps used for accessories of leather, fashion and footwear industrie
Attacco Asta ricavati da barra

Shaft Joint

The shaft joint has been realized by Meccanica Precisa for the insertion inside a production line composed by automatic machineries for the paper transformation.
perno di bloccaggio navale

Security Locking Pivot

The locking security pivot has been realized by Meccanica Precisa for the naval industry and it has been used in the boats for the control and the block of the doors on the ships or on the ferries.
Supporto cella di carico per uso navale

Load Cell Support

The mechanical component as support of the load cell used in the naval industry has been commissioned to Meccanica Precisa on particular kinds of boats, a load cell able to control the right opening of the sails and the rotation of the mast.
Scatola di derivazione per impiego militare

Junction box

Scatola di derivazione, lavorazione di precisione ottenuta mediante impiego di centri di lavoro CNC a 5 assi