Milling, manufacturing process through shavings removal
Milling, manufacturing through shavings removal, which allows obtaining mechanical parts by rotating shaping machinery and keeping the part fixed by vises and clamps. Shaped parts can be obtained also with very complex profiles.

Meccanica Precisa, in terms of milling, uses 3 and 5 axis CNC with computer numerical control, which diverge from the traditional milling machines for the possibility to program on machinery border or by Cad Cam software.

This kind of programming (CAD CAM), preferred by Meccanica Precisa, allows making very complex manufacturing using the 5 axis technology both in positioning and in continuous.

The positioned 5 axis manufacturing allows the execution of a piece through a unique positioning in which it is possible to work 5 faces at the same time without intervention of the operator with position of milling, drills, threads, tapping, etc., made always compared with the zero piece.
All that guarantees an extreme precision in the position of the manufacturing on the different faces.

The 5 axis manufacturing in continuous allows the execution of shaped parts for which it is necessary to interpolate the 5 axis at the same time.

This kind of manufacturing allows the realization of parts such as propellers, blades and helicoidal locking systems etc., which would not be realizable with 3 axis machineries.
3 Axis CNC (Computer numerical control) machines
The 3 axis CNC machines represent the first evolution in comparison with the traditional milling machines, because they use the three axis to intervene on the part during the manufacturing process: X,Y,Z.
This technology is very often used for the combined manufacturing processes, which expect, in any case, a passage of the piece through different workstations.
5 axis CNC
A 5 axis CNC works contemporary on 5 distinct axis: X, Y, Z and two rotation axis A and B/C. Basically, the 5 sides of the piece are worked at the same time by a unique programming.

The use of this technology brings three vantages:

Realization of shapes and complex profiles with a unique programming
Higher manufacturing and production speed
Higher manufacturing precision thanks to the lack of the piece position changes in different workstations

Meccanica Precisa factory is equipped with 5 axis CNC machineries: the productions can be followed in controlled manner, with the presence of an operator, or in not controlled manner through robotic pallet change.

Meccanica Precisa machinery inventory, therefore, hosts 5 axis CNC machineries, also palletized.

Fast Precision Joint

Fast precision joint, a component used in the pharmaceutical industry in the preparation of the drugs and particularly in the decontamination area for the passage of the chemical materials.

Aluminum Support

The aluminum support, made for the naval industry, is an element inserted into the complete production of a railing, with components cut and oriented differently to compose the same railing.
Piastra di posizionamento per il settore farmaceutico

Positioning Slab

The positioning slab produced by Meccanica Precisa for the Pharmaceutical Industry is used for the management of the brake pads flow in the phase of the product packaging.

Wheel support for the prototype of carbon fiber bicycle

Wheel support realized by Meccanica Precisa for the realization of a bicycle prototype totally realized in carbon fiber and hand-woven by shaping machinery.


The component manifold realized by Meccanica Precisa for the rubber and plastic industry, is applied on extrusion dies to direct the flow of the extruded material.


Meccanica Precisa produces numerous molds with application in the fashion industry, realized in different variants. It is about components employed for the covering of clasps used for accessories of leather, fashion and footwear industrie

Wheel Body

The wheel body made by Meccanica Precisa has been realized for the marble manufacturing industry. The component is connected to pivots and wheels of the manufacturing system and it creates...

Anteverted Guide

With the anteverted guide Meccanica Precisa production has interested the biomedical industry. This component is used, combined with additional elements, as template during the surgical operations on the shoulder.
Attacco Asta ricavati da barra

Shaft Joint

The shaft joint has been realized by Meccanica Precisa for the insertion inside a production line composed by automatic machineries for the paper transformation.
perno di bloccaggio navale

Security Locking Pivot

The locking security pivot has been realized by Meccanica Precisa for the naval industry and it has been used in the boats for the control and the block of the doors on the ships or on the ferries.