The operations and the manufactures realized in pasta treatment are numerous:

Manufacturing of the raw material, drying and packaging are only some of the possibilities. In this sense, the production systems have to be efficient and functional during all the production phases.

Meccanica Precisa has available a machinery inventory which combines the technology of the 5 axis CNC machine with the precision of the traditional machineries, and for this reason it is able to supply the whole production process.

The quality of Meccanica Precisa production is proved by the manufactures already done on the wire drawing machines for the realization of manufacturing lines and components for the packaging process of pasta industry systems.

The realization of components for systems and machineries production for pasta industry can be realized in the following materials, already available inside Meccanica Precisa warehouse.

Following materials available

The materials available and stored in the warehouse inside the company are:

Steels alloyed to carbon (C45 – C40 – 20 NICHROME – 18 NICHROME 5 – 39 NICHROME 3),
Stainless steel (AISI 304 – AISI 316 – AISI 420 – AISI 630 – AISI D2 – AISI D3 – AISI 02), Titanium various grades, Ergal, special materials: k100 – k110 – k720.

Depending on the manufactures to do, Meccanica Precisa staff will involve all the skills of the employees specialized in three-dimensional Cad Cam programming and the technology of the machineries in the factory such as the 5 axis CNC machine equipped with deposits and palletized loaders, with the possibility of controlled or constant work.

The choice of the materials and the quality of the execution are the aims of Meccanica Precisa production.

Two requisites which have been rewarded and recognized by constant collaborations with important companies of pasta industry which have chosen our quality and our machineries for the manufacturing on the components, single parts on design, production lines and more complicated planning, in order to improve the production processes and to maximize the results.


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