The paper processing systems are composed of two big production lines involved in various operations, such as the realization of paper holder rolls, impressing and printing of tissue productions and all the processes of packaging and the industry packaging of commercial products, and not.

For that reason, it is necessary to have a partner versatile in the supply of components and single parts, which could facilitate and make efficient the automation of the involved production lines.

Choosing Meccanica Precisa as supplier of paper processing and packaging, means to take advantages of a partner able to realize, with extreme precision, components necessary to the system lines and to plan innovative mechanical parts to accelerate and improve the whole production.

This is the case of the realization of the helicoidal blocks, which let avoid the intervention of the operator without suspending the production at the paper passage.

These kinds of manufactures are realized directly inside our factory thanks to the combination of 5 axis CNC machine (with possibility of palletized deposits and controlled or continuous work) and traditional machineries, combined with the competences of the employees specialized in the use of three-dimensional Cad Cam software.

All the manufacturing realized by Meccanica Precisa can be produced with the following materials, always available:

Steels alloyed to carbon (C45 – C40 – 20 NICHROME – 18 NICHROME 5 – 39 NICHROME 3), Stainless steel (AISI 304 – AISI 316 – AISI 420 – AISI 630 – AISI D2 – AISI D3 – AISI 02), Titanium various grades, Ergal, special materials : k100 – k110 – k720.

The choice of the manufacturing and the selection of material join our experience in the paper processing industry and represent a guarantee of our quality.

The satisfaction of our clients already stabilized in the field of packaging and paper processing, among which there are big Italian companies of the industry, is the most important recognition of our job and our qualities.

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