For the automotive industry

Meccanica Precisa points to a wide range of companies:

Production of machineries and mechanical components for the realization and the assembly of the engines, test machineries, automatic machines for assembly and precision components.

The available high technological profile machinery inventory, with the presence of 5 axis CNC machine, which can operate with controlled or not constantly controlled work, equipped with loaders and palletized deposits.
Meccanica Precisa is able to make high precision productions thanks to the competence of technicians specialized in three-dimensional Cad Cam programming.

The machineries and the professional quality of the technicians let to realize components for machines and automatic lines for the production and the assembly of electrical engines, special and conventional.
The materials available and stored in the warehouse inside the company are:

Steels alloyed to carbon (C45 – C40 – 20 NICHROME – 18 NICHROME 5 – 39 NICHROME 3), Stainless steel (AISI 304 – AISI 316 – AISI 420 – AISI 630 – AISI D2 – AISI D3 – AISI 02), Titanium various grades, Ergal, special materials : k100 – k110 – k720.

The versatility of the traditional shaping machines, the CNC controls and the 5 axis CNC machines on constant work, let our company to be ready to accept every kind of mechanical and precision product to realize.

The quality of the worked mechanical product is not our unique aim, because the technical engineering is important for its realization. The most suitable machineries to realize it, the improvement of the quality and the realization speed.

For these reasons, we have been chosen and confirmed, during the time, by companies that had requested our productions, as technological partner able to realize what required, and in continuous development for the highest technological production improvement.


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