The chemical pharmaceutical industry
Due to its own nature, requests a huge amount of attention in the production and the manufacturing of the materials necessary to realize a drug.

In this field, Meccanica Precisa points mainly to the producing partner of the medicine multinational corporations, which handle, in 360 degrees, the production of the drugs which will be distributed into the international market.

With its production of single parts or components, Meccanica Precisa is able to intervene into the following processes:

Manufacturing of the dusts
Automation of the washing stations of the containers for the cleaning of the active principle
Realization of mirror components or single parts to avoid remains
Components for packaging systems

For the pharmaceutical industry, it is necessary to pay much attention also to the choice of the materials used for the realization of the productive sectors and, in this sense, our warehouse is full of materials already available which can be utilized depending on the requested manufacture:

Steels alloyed to carbon (C45 – C40 – 20 NICHROME – 18 NICHROME 5 – 39 NICHROME 3), Stainless steel (AISI 304 – AISI 316 – AISI 420 – AISI 630 – AISI D2 – AISI D3 – AISI 02), Titanium various grades, Ergal, special materials : k100 – k110 – k720.

Another important feature of the Chemical Pharmaceutical Industry is the precision and, about it, Meccanica Precisa machinery inventory is really a guarantee.

The machineries in the factory, in fact, allow combining traditional manufactures with a high technological profile guaranteed by the 5 axis CNC machine, with possibility of controlled or continuous work and the presence of palletized deposits of materials.

All that with an avant-garde equipment, such as the three-dimensional Cad Cam software and an internal technical office with specialized staff able not just to make manufactures on design, but also to plan complicated systems in order to optimize the production.


Fast Precision Joint

Fast precision joint, a component used in the pharmaceutical industry in the preparation of the drugs and particularly in the decontamination area for the passage of the chemical materials.
Piastra di posizionamento per il settore farmaceutico

Positioning Slab

The positioning slab produced by Meccanica Precisa for the Pharmaceutical Industry is used for the management of the brake pads flow in the phase of the product packaging.