Interesting industry: aero space

Is a very interesting industry in which numerous manufactures produced by Meccanica Precisa can be inserted.

Thanks to the presence of 5 axis CNC machines, controlled or in continuous with palletized deposits, in fact, we are able to realize components for the assembly of satellites engines and aircrafts, undercarriages, launch pads and single parts for the maintenance or for the support of the production systems.

The high technological profile of the internal machinery inventory is perfectly combined with the manufactures made by traditional machineries, where the intervention of the specialized operators is one of the requirements that guarantee the highest precision and supervision.

In addition, the presence of an internal technical office and of experts in three-dimensional Cad Cam, let to realize very complicated single parts or to create projects independently on commission.

The quality of Meccanica Precisa in the aerospace industry is guaranteed by a wide choice of material right now available for the realization of the components or the necessary manufacturing.

The materials available to our clients are various and can be further integrated:

Steels alloyed to carbon (C45 – C40 – 20 NICHROME – 18 NICHROME 5 – 39 NICHROME 3), Stainless steel (AISI 304 – AISI 316 – AISI 420 – AISI 630 – AISI D2 – AISI D3 – AISI 02), Titanium various grades, Ergal, special materials : k100 – k110 – k720.

The quality of the mechanical product and the precision of the productive process have allowed us to be confirmed by industry companies which have started, during these more than 12 year presence on the market, important constant collaborations.

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