Electrical discharge machining, quenched steels manufacturing, very quick and cemented carbide
The electrical wire and sinker discharge machining allows to work conductive material of every kind, for example quenched steels, very fast steels and cemented carbide.

This kind of precision manufacturing allows to realize every geometric shape thanks to the possibility to work through the interpolation of the 4 axis and using the fifth one (Z axis) in positioning. In this manner, conic cuts of the manufactured material are realized.

There are three kinds of electrical discharge machining: sinker, wire and micro-drilling electrical discharge machining. Meccanica Precisa, inside its factory, hosts machineries and equipment for the kinds of manufacturing:

Machineries EDM for the sinker electrical discharge machining
Machineries WEDM for the wire electrical discharge machining
Machineries EDM for micro-drilling

The wire and sinker electrical discharge machining works through an electrical charge

It takes place between the shaping machinery (wire) and the piece to work: these electrical charges are sent and controlled by a powerful generator. This kind of process brings the finished surface to obtain, already in phase of roughing, low roughness (RA 2,3) up to reach, after the finishing passages, much lower roughing results ( RA 0,3). The shaping machinery (wire) can present dimensions variable from 0,2 mm up to 0,33 mm.

The processes of wire and sinker electrical discharge machining are used in a combined or exclusive manner inside the production department Meccanica Precisa, depending on the manufacturing indicated on the design and commissioned by the client.

Through the machineries EDM used for the sinker electrical discharge machining, the metal and the electrode (shaping machinery) are merged into the dielectric liquid and the manufacturing is obtained at the negative of the material, taking away parts of the initial material.

The wire electric discharge machining obtained with the use of WEDM machineries, takes place by a shaping machinery, which moves itself on the piece to work.

In this case, the shaping machinery route takes place by programmed remote settings with CAD CAM system. The post processor looks after the sending of the codes and all the parameters necessary to the machinery, which will start the manufacturing.

Micro drilling for the electrical discharge machining

The micro drilling is made through a shaping machinery (little tube) which can be made of copper or brass, depending on the finished materials and it is used to make drills from 0,3 mm to 3 mm, with heights up to 200 mm.

The manufacturing basics are the same of the electrical discharge machining.

To allow the highest precision in the manufacturing, the machinery inventory of Meccanica Precisa hosts in its internal space the following machineries for the sinker electrical discharge machining:

Wire Electrical discharge machining, up to piece height of 420 mm
Sinker electrical discharge machining
Micro drilling

Meccanica Precisa deals with the selection of material, potential treatments of hardening and the entire manufacturing management with specific worker for the machinery setting and the connected Cad Cam software.

Piastra di posizionamento per il settore farmaceutico

Positioning Slab

The positioning slab produced by Meccanica Precisa for the Pharmaceutical Industry is used for the management of the brake pads flow in the phase of the product packaging.


The component manifold realized by Meccanica Precisa for the rubber and plastic industry, is applied on extrusion dies to direct the flow of the extruded material.


Meccanica Precisa produces numerous molds with application in the fashion industry, realized in different variants. It is about components employed for the covering of clasps used for accessories of leather, fashion and footwear industrie

Anteverted Guide

With the anteverted guide Meccanica Precisa production has interested the biomedical industry. This component is used, combined with additional elements, as template during the surgical operations on the shoulder.
perno di bloccaggio navale

Security Locking Pivot

The locking security pivot has been realized by Meccanica Precisa for the naval industry and it has been used in the boats for the control and the block of the doors on the ships or on the ferries.