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Precision mechanical productions
Meccanica Precisa

Meccanica Precisa factory realizes prototypes and productions of precision mechanical components.

Specialized in third party productions on all the kinds of materials (metals, alloys and semi-finished products), Meccanica Precisa factory is organized for the industrial production of components for automatic machines, complete design projects and prototyping.

An important partner in the field of precision mechanical production which besides the competence and the experience of more than 10 years activity, guarantees industrialization, delivery times and customized solutions. Thanks to a numerical control machinery inventory equipped with CNC lathes, EDM and WEDM machines and 5 axis computer numerical control machines, also palletized, with the support of the most advanced CAD CAM systems for the mechanical productions.

A set of important characteristics for everyone looking for a serious partner, reliable and competent in the field of precision mechanical productions for heterogeneous industries such as automatic, automotive, naval, aerospace and chemical pharmaceutical machines. The machineries in Meccanica Precisa factory, in fact, allow mechanical productions of centesimal precision and an industrial production combined with different workstations.

Attacco rapido Lavorazione Meccanica di precisione

Fast Precision Joint

Fast precision joint, a component used in the pharmaceutical industry in the preparation of the drugs and particularly in the decontamination area for the passage of the chemical materials.
7 November 2016/by martina
Supporto in alluminio per il settore navale

Aluminum Support

The aluminum support, made for the naval industry, is an element inserted into the complete production of a railing, with components cut and oriented differently to compose the same railing.
7 November 2016/by martina
Piastra di posizionamento per il settore farmaceutico

Positioning Slab

The positioning slab produced by Meccanica Precisa for the Pharmaceutical Industry is used for the management of the brake pads flow in the phase of the product packaging.
7 November 2016/by martina

Wheel support for the prototype of carbon fiber bicycle

Wheel support realized by Meccanica Precisa for the realization of a bicycle prototype totally realized in carbon fiber and hand-woven by shaping machinery.
7 November 2016/by martina


The component manifold realized by Meccanica Precisa for the rubber and plastic industry, is applied on extrusion dies to direct the flow of the extruded material.
7 November 2016/by martina


Meccanica Precisa produces numerous molds with application in the fashion industry, realized in different variants. It is about components employed for the covering of clasps used for accessories of leather, fashion and footwear industrie
7 November 2016/by martina

Wheel Body

The wheel body made by Meccanica Precisa has been realized for the marble manufacturing industry. The component is connected to pivots and wheels of the manufacturing system and it creates...
7 November 2016/by martina

Anteverted Guide

With the anteverted guide Meccanica Precisa production has interested the biomedical industry. This component is used, combined with additional elements, as template during the surgical operations on the shoulder.
7 November 2016/by martina
Attacco Asta ricavati da barra

Shaft Joint

The shaft joint has been realized by Meccanica Precisa for the insertion inside a production line composed by automatic machineries for the paper transformation.
7 November 2016/by martina
perno di bloccaggio navale

Security Locking Pivot

The locking security pivot has been realized by Meccanica Precisa for the naval industry and it has been used in the boats for the control and the block of the doors on the ships or on the ferries.
7 November 2016/by martina
Scatola per antenna e trattamento anti ossidazione

Antenna Box

Meccanica Precisa was commissioned for the realization of the antenna box as container for the positioning of electronic components to be located next to viaducts for the sending and the receiving of signals in case of emergencies.
7 November 2016/by martina
Supporto cella di carico per uso navale

Load Cell Support

The mechanical component as support of the load cell used in the naval industry has been commissioned to Meccanica Precisa on particular kinds of boats, a load cell able to control the right opening of the sails and the rotation of the mast.
7 November 2016/by martina
Posaggio inferiore lavorazione centro di lavoro 5 assi

Lower Processing Station

The component is used as junction element between different stations for the passage of the aluminum rods in the automatic machineries industry, for the production of the windows fixtures joints.
7 November 2016/by martina
Scatola di derivazione per impiego militare

Junction box

Scatola di derivazione, lavorazione di precisione ottenuta mediante impiego di centri di lavoro CNC a 5 assi
7 November 2016/by martina

Precision mechanical factories

The machinery inventory of Meccanica Precisa factory allows realizing turning, milling, electrical discharge machining and additional necessary treatments.

The production is totally realized in company premises and tested in terms of quality and precision in order to deliver the client a product “completed” and ready to be inserted into the industrialization process for which it has been thought.

The present machineries combine automated productions with manual interventions and they are mainly as computer numerical control machines, with programming through CAD CAM, as guarantee of precision and speed of the productive processes.

The production starts from the design and the selection takes place in company premises from the internal warehouse or through a network of suppliers already stabilized. In addition, works of finishing and treatment of the materials are accomplished.